School Policies


Running races

Adjust the distances to suit the size of your garden and the age of your kids.

  • 50 metres
  • 100 metres
  • 800 metres


Egg and spoon race

  • A spud and spoon is all you need. No holding on to the spud!
  • Spud must be on your spoon going across the finish line.
  • If you drop the spud just place it back on the spoon and continue.

Wheelbarrow race

  • We usually get the children to switches places at the half way point.
Don’t have the distance too long as this can be a very tiring one.

Sack race

  • All you need is a sack of some sort.
I’ve noticed a number of the younger children have used pillow cases in recent years and they work perfectly for their size.

Three-legged race

  • Get a pair of tights and use them to tie the legs together.
  • Tie  the partners' inside  legs together so each pair of children has  three legs rather than four.
Practice walking prior to running.

Wellington Toss

  • You need a wellington and a marker of some sort to record where the wellington landed.
  • Whoever manages to throw it the furthest, wins.

Race to hang clothes on the line

  • Pick 5/6 items of clothing
  • Decide whether clothes are to have 1 or 2 clothes pegs
  • Time each child as they hang the clothes
Fastest time wins

Jigsaw relay

  • You’ll need 2 jigsaws with same amount of pieces
  • Decide starting point and where jigsaws will be created.
Make 2 teams and have a relay race to see who makes the jigsaw first.

Penalty Shoot Out

  • The person with the most goals wins.

Races with a twist!

  • 50 metre dress up race-lay out a piece of clothing for each child on the 10 metre line, on the 20 metre line, on the 30 metre line and on the 40 metre line. Each child has to put on each of the items as they run towards the finish line.

Races with a twist!

In pairs, the children must get a balloon to the finish line by squashing it between their chests or tummies. They must not use their hands or feet to move the balloon and if they drop it they have to go back to the beginning

Races with a twist!

Mixed up 50m race-The children run the first 10m, hop the second 10m, skip the third, jump the fourth, and run backwards to the finish line.

Obstacle course

Some ideas to help you make an obstacle course.

  • Bounce a ball on a racket x times.
  • Dribble a ball either kicking/bouncing from A to B.
  • Toss/kick a ball into a net/target.
  • Do a ball toss/beanbag into baskets/boxes.
  • Lay out sticks in a row, like the rungs of a ladder, for kids to hop over.
  • Lay rope in a curved snaky shape and have the kids walk the ‘tightrope) without falling off.
  • Lay 2 pieces of rope in a parallel line and have the kids jump the ‘river’.
  • If you have a plank of wood, place it on the grass for younger kids and get them to ‘walk the plank’.
  • For older kids, get the kids to ‘walk the plank’ blindfolded/backwards/hopping on one foot etc. to make it more challenging.
  • If you have a kids crawl-though tunnel, this makes a perfect obstacle. In the absence of that, you could use chairs and an old blanket
  • You could also limbo under a stick laid across the backs of 2 chairs.
  • Use a water pistol to knock over some objects.
    Have a water relay-move water from one bucket to the next using a plastic bottle with holes in it, or a sponge, + all water must be gone from starting buckets before moving on to next obstacle.