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Spring Poetry, March 2020

Spring is now here,
So let’s all cheer,
The leaves are growing on the trees,
And we’re getting warmer seas,
Children playing in the park,
It’s taking longer to get dark!

Cathal; 6th Class

I woke up with a bump to my head,
I was really confused so I went back to bed!
When I woke up again, I asked my wife,
Had she the lions fed?
‘We don’t have lions!’ she said.
‘Are you alright Ted?’
‘Okay, can have please have some bread?’
No, just go back to bed, Ted!

Darragh. 6th Class

If veggies ruled

If carrots talked,
And mushrooms walked,
If celery whispered, through it’s stalk.

If tomatoes spoke,
And lettuce woke,
If broccoli ran, and was called Anne.

Where would all, of us be?
If veggies ruled, do you see?
Rhubarb palace, Queen Cucumber called Alice.

And if they led us into war,
And ordered us to shoot,
The King of fruit.

Méabh; 6th Class

The funny dog

There once was a funny dog,
Who was best friends with a frog.
They both lived in a big blue house,
And they would always chase the pet mouse.
They would always prank their owners,
And they would just stand on each other’s shoulders.
They would stare out the window and watch the flowers blossom,
They knew their lives were pretty awesome.

Abbey; Recommends The Boy on the Toilet by Johanna Fuchs!

A fella jumped off a very high wall,
And he had a really bad fall,
He went back to bed,
With a bump on his head,
That’s why you don’t jump off a wall!

Jacob. Recommends; There was a man from Peru!

Trees which were so close to death,
In spring they come alive again,
As they prepare for summertime,
Leaves and buds they will attain.

Sleeping through the winter; bear,
Hidden in his secret lair,
He has woken and wants to eat,
They, prey had better be discreet.

The squirrel’s awake; no food he’s got,
His secret stash of nuts is gone,
But it does, matter not,
The winter is, long foregone.

Méabh 6th Class


See, the grass is full of stars,
Fallen in their brightness;
Hearts they have of shining gold,
Rays of shining whiteness.

Buttercups have honeyed hearts,
Bees they love the clover,
But I love the daisies' dance
All the meadow over.

Jack 6th Class


Cows are calving and horses are foaling,
It’s time for farmers to start sowing,
Daffodils are blooming and primroses too,
April is the last month of spring so thank you,
Spring is here in the air,
The leaves are getting green on the trees,
You can smell fresh cut grass,
And the birds are singing on the trees.

Tommy H 5th Class

Good bye winter, spring is here,
So now it is time to cheer.
No more really cold weather,
All you will see is a bird’s feather.
A child in the park flying a kite,
It will be their parents delight.
Flowers will start to blossom.
This spring is going to be pretty awesome.

Abbey 6th Class

Spring is a lovely time of year,
Get ready now to change your gear,
New born animals to take care,
And nice fresh smells in the air,
I like spring in my opinion,
I think it’s a nice condition.

Darragh 6th.

I was walking through the misty grass,
Skipping stones,
Hopping over broken glass,
The bitter cold would make you shiver.

Staring up at the bright blue sky,
Birds racing through the air,
Throughout the day the grass starts to dry,
In the fields, the racing mares.

Mali 6th Class

The sun is shining, the trees have buds,
My moms inside cooking the spuds,
there’s wood to be chopped, grass to be cut,
We’re talking about fixing up the old hut.

Leo 5th Class



As I strolled down the passage,
With my three cousins by my side,
Daffodils and daisies growing on the ditches,
Not many clouds in the sky,
But birds soaring up so high,
Calves in the fields beside their mother’s mooing,
And galloping around as happy as can be,
We wandered by a stream that flowed gently by,
We splashed and played till the sun went down.

Kaelin 6th Class

Sunshine everywhere, hovering in the sky,
Happiness in the air, it really makes you smile,
Squirrels and bears waking up from their long sleep,
Plants growing up in valleys very deep,
Animals also enjoy it, including rats and mice,
But to some people it’s all about the rise of Jesus Christ,
In every garden and backyard, there are people having fun
Bathing in the warmth of the big, yellow sun!

Dan 5th Class

Spring is here,
And the air is clear,
The grass is out,
Kids are making huts,
Animals are born,
Day, night and morn,
Flowers are growing,
People exploring,
Be careful if society now,
The corona virus is lurking around.

Gregory 6th Class.

When the birds start chirping early in the morning,
I know that spring has come.
As the flowers start to grow,
We say goodbye to the snow.
Leaves on trees and honey from the bee’s.
Corona is here,
but we’ll stand together without fear.

Roisin 6th Class

Spring is here,
Spring is here,
All the baby cows are here,
The farmers are very busy,
The flowers are blooming,
The daffodils are out,
So we can shout.. SPRING!

Hannah 6th Class

Spring is my favourite season,
The grass is cut,
There’s a nice long evening,
There are people out walking,
as the sunshine glows,
The farmers are busy with their new lambs and calves,
Flowers bloom all around,
and there is nobody sitting down,
inside to be found.

James 5th Class

When the birds come back to play,
then we know summer is on its way,
the beautiful flowers , freshly grown,
all the gardeners have their seeds sown,
All the world,
Rebuilding its power,
After the winters,
Everlasting shower.

Donnagh 6th Class

The days gradually getting longer,
All the new calves trying to get stronger,
No more snowy cold weather,
All the flowers blooming, including heather.

Grace.6th Class

Flowers are blooming,
Bees are humming,
The sun is beaming,
Everything is growing,
Blossoms in the trees,
Spring is here!

Laura D 6th Class

S    Spring is here.
P    People are getting ready for better weather.
R    Running wild
I      I am happy school is nearly over
N    No more cold winter nights
G    Going out to play
T     Time for new growth
I      I am happy
M    My cow calved
E     Every flower is in bloom

Adam; 6th Class

The clouds in the deep blue sky,
And the birds flying ever so high.
Daffodils sitting on my back lawn,
Swaying softly from dusk to dawn.
The light breeze or the icy rain,
Falls on me from day to day.

Laura H; 6th Class